Ganei Yehoshua

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Ganei Yehoshua

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96 Rokach Boulevard
Tel Aviv, 69020 Israel
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Boating, picnic tables, jungle gyms,open spaces. Also has a bird park "Zapari" with Parrot Shows on the weekend.

The Yarkon Park (Hebrew: פארק הירקון‎, Park HaYarkon) is Tel Aviv's largest public urban park (3.8 km²) and the most famous park in Israel, visited by thousands every week. Stretching along Rokah Boulevard in its northern edge, the park includes various sports facilities, botanical gardens, an aviary, a waterpark, two outdoor concert venues (a mid-sized 'Wohl Amphitheatre' and much larger artificial 'bowl' which can hold tens of thousands of people) and a few artificial lakes. The last leg of the Yarkon River runs through the park and spills into the Mediterranean Sea at the park's west edge. Though clean up efforts were made in the last few years, the river is still polluted and it is ill advised to swim or fish in it. Nevertheless, the area around the river's estuary, along with Tel Aviv's inactive port, is a popular hang-out with restaurants, dance clubs, pubs and shops. [1]