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Random guidelines

This is a collection of guidelines that should be followed when editing Mikomos. They are here temporarily until each one is moved to its rightful place.

  • Be nice to everyone else. Everyone's working together on this. Even the stinky people. That was a joke.
  • Mikomos should be appropriate. This is based on highly subjective and difficult to guess standards (the admins').
    • Only clean comedy clubs should be added.
    • Mikomos does not list places that are used for finding dates, such as bars, rather places to bring a date to.
    • Movie theaters are out. Most Imax theaters are OK.
    • Bowling is OK (but you should try to wrinkle your nose when adding them).
    • Rock, rap, pop etc. concerts are no good. Classical is ok.
    • Sports games - if you insist. But see the guideline on recurring events.
    • Bars inside other Mikomos are probably OK and can be listed in that makom's page. Example: Inside Dave & Buster's.
  • There are some mikomos that require both general and specific pages. This occurs when there are many instances of a certain makom and Mikomos can not have specific pages for each one. For example: Starbucks has a general makom page. There are Starbucks everywhere and Mikomos can't cover them all. The Starbucks page contains information common to all Starbucks. It of course has no address, etc. In addition, specific locations can have their own pages. These specific pages contain information unique to that specific makom, such as address, directions or other nearby mikomos. The general page should link to each specific makom's page and vice versa. See the next section for how to name these.
  • Articles should be fun to read. Humor is encouraged. Funny humor preferably.
  • Don't be afraid to edit. There's almost nothing you can do that will "mess things up." Chances are whatever you're doing will be a great contribution and someone will clean up if you make a mistake. If you see a mistake you can't fix, simply mark it for cleanup by clicking the check-box at the bottom of the form.
  • Self-promotion is OK as long as nobody can tell it's self-promotion. Stick to the facts.

Naming conventions

  • Unless necessary, a makom's name should not begin with "The." Nor should "The" be placed at the end of the title, as in "Makom, The."
  • A makom's name should not end with a description like "Hotel," "Park" or "Museum" unless it is really part of the makom's title. For example, Stamford Marriott and not Stamford Marriott Hotel.

Adding a chain

Advanced: When a makom is a chain, one page should be created whose title is the parent company's name (examples: Starbucks or Putting Edge). (Note: This page may already exist. Do a search.) This can be done here. This page should contain any information that pertains to all locations of this chain.

After that is done, click Add a new makom and add a location of this chain. The title of this page should be the parent company's name, followed by the work "in", followed by the city (sometimes neighborhood) where this particular location is (examples: Starbucks in Howard Beach or Putting Edge in Toronto). This page should only contain information that pertains to this particular location. While editing the page you will notice a box that says "Chain:" where you can enter the name of the parent company.

If you are too confused by this or are too lazy to figure out what it says, don't give up!. Do your best and somebody smarter and more patient than you :) will fix it up.


  • Mikomos is a directory of places to date. Dating is a subject we should be very modest about. Therefore, whenever possible, references to dating, boys, girls or anything related to dating should be avoided. Sounds crazy? It's not as difficult as it sounds. Be creative. For example, instead of writing "This is a great place to date" write "This is a great place." We know what its use is.
  • Modesty on the internet. Who knew?


  • Recurring events such as a sports team's schedule should not be added. The venue for the event (the stadium in this example) can be added as an Event Makom with a list of when the events will happen or a link to a list. Go team!

Guidelines for adding appropriate mikomos


Only appropriate activities should be added.



Only museums with appropriate materials should be added. All art museums should include a disclaimer in the tips section explaining that it has no inappropriate works or where and what the inappropriate works are. Add museums that are good for dating specifically.



  • Only Shomer Shabbos restaurants under an Orthodox hashgacha should be added. If you're not sure if a hashgacha is reliable or it has a local hashgacha, add information about the hashgacha on that Hashgacha's page.
  • Non-kosher restaurants are out unless they're appropriate as lounges.
  • Add restaurants that are good for dating specifically. Generally all restaurants should have waiter service. There are rare exceptions made for upscale places without waiter service, but most pizza shops are considered too casual for a date.


Shopping centers are only good mikomos if they're made up of good mikomos. Those good mikomos should get wikis of themselves. They should be linked to in the See also section. The shopping center wiki should only have information about the center, but no details about the mikomos in it.


  • Events that only take place on Shabbos should not be listed.
  • Events should not have kol isha.