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Mikomos always has work that has to be done. Anything you contribute is a big help. This takes nothing more than some time; most items listed require no special skills.

mikomos content[edit]

  1. Help add mikomos in Israel. Click here for a good list of restaurants and activities you can add.
  2. Harvest these lists of mikomos from the jewish newspapers [1] [2]
  3. Update current lakewood restaurants from this lakewood directory http://www.virtuallakewood.com/index.php?page=shopping&sid=243&flg=1&categories_id=7#
  4. A nice list of dating spots: http://www.hashkafah.com/index.php?showtopic=13963 Please feel free to add any or all of these.
  5. There might be some good ideas here: http://badforshidduchim.wordpress.com/2008/05/08/where-oh-where-would-my-date-want-to-go/#comments
  6. Add some of the Miami mikomos


  1. Add suggestions for how to combine mikomos into one date. Help with Mikomos Combinations.
  2. Help with How to choose a good makom
  3. Help with Dating howto, tips and etiquette

Ongoing todos[edit]

  1. Categorize the Uncategorized Mikomos. There are currently 8 mikomos in desperate need of categorization. Don't let them down!
  2. Add coordinates to the articles that can't be automatically geocoded. There are currently 0 mikomos that have no idea where they are! Show them the way!
  3. Add information to the stubs - mikomos that are missing basic information. Sometimes this information can be found with a simple search. If you've been there, we certainly want to hear your take. There are currently 191 stubs.

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